About Us


Our company Quality Needles Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated in 1984 and commenced production in 1985 with purely indigenous self-developed technology. The Company is today specialized in the manufacture of surgical suture needles for ophthalmic surgery, Prime/Premium point needles for Cosmetic surgery, cardio-vascular, endoscopy, Neuro-surgery & Sternum closer, and its production range covers a very wide range of products comprising over 5,000 different types and sizes of needles for a large number of diverse customers in different parts of the world.


The range encompasses regular eye and spring eye reusable needles as well as channel and drilled end type atraumatic needles. Atraumatic needles are manufactured both of drilled-end and channel type, and are made from stainless steel to AISI 420+, maraging grade steel to Custom 455, 1RK91 , Austenitic AISI 302 and as appropriate for the application. Presently we are manufacturing Atraumatic needles USP 10/0 to USP 7.
micro needles for the ophthalmic surgery to the largest post mortem needles as well as veterinary needles for animal surgery.
Currently, the company has a total land area of around 6500 Sq. meters with a covered area housing the offices and manufacturing facilities of around 9930 Sq. meters. The production capacity is around 150 million pieces per annum. The company manufactures a vast range of needles, extending from the smallest


The company is currently exporting over 80 % of its production, mainly to the USA, UK, Switzerland, Russia, Belarus, Germany, France, Belgium, Spain, Morocco, Turkey, Iran, Jordan, Tunisia, Egypt, South Africa, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Thailand. Presently Latin America has emerged as an important market. The company supplies needles as well as Suture attaching machines to our own design, and also suture attaching dies to our customers.